What's Life Without Whimsy?  Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Miles of Smiles


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Deborah Rose

Chief Executive Mystic

Deborah is a private investigator, life coach and handwriting therapist.   Deborah first received public recognition for her talents as a gifted intuitive at the age of 13 when she was featured in the local Dallas paper when she was entertaining at a children’s Halloween carnival.   Practical life experience has enhanced her natural abilities.  And watch out for her own brand of humor..... 

Scott Rose

Mystic Extraordinaire

Scott lives in the IT world day, the Mystic World by night.  He is also married to Deborah, which adds to his list of mystical abilities!  He has many facets to his world, which includes Welch rapier, pirate, gypsy and man of many face, much like James Bond.  Seeing is believing when you see Scott in action.